One and two day training courses are provided for a wide range of health and social care professionals (including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, OT, psychologists) to equip them with the skills needed to facilitate, train and support self management for people with persistent (chronic) pain and other long term conditions.

Course Information

The Pain Management Plan

1 day course The Pain Management Plan is a cognitive behavioural based workbook and app that enables people with pain

Helping People with Persistent Pain Help Themselves: Facilitating Self-Management for Health Care Professionals

2 day course. This very practical course introduces health care professionals to the techniques they need to engage and support people

How to join a Course

Complete our online learning.

Our course are designed for health and social care professionals working with people with persistent (chronic) pain and other long term conditions.

Before attending a course you need to complete some online learning to help you assess your current knowledge and learning needs. You can complete the learning before or after you enroll in the course.

The online learning can be found here.

Achieve a 70% pass rate.

A pass of 70% or more? Well done: you are ready to attend one of our courses.
A lower score? Don’t worry: have a look at our resources page for some additional knowledge and the resources so that you are able to gain the most from the course.

Sign up for a Course.

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Upcoming Courses

Course Date Venue
Helping People with Persistent Pain Help Themselves: Facilitating Self-Management for Health Care Professionals February 29, 2020 9:30 am The Meeting Room, Fentham Hall, Marsh Lane, Hampton-in-Arden, B92 0AH More Information

Bespoke Courses

Bespoke training courses can be arranged for whole services or teams.

If a number of staff would benefit from the training it may be more economical to run an in-house course. Paying external participants may be invited and some organisers have obtained funding from pharma and equipment supply companies which can help defray costs.

Courses may be run on 2 consecutive days (including Saturdays) or 2 x 1 day a maximum of 4 weeks apart

Day rates TBC (excluding travel and overnight expenses where applicable) include preparation materials, the course manual and other resources

For groups of up to 12-14, one trainer is enough, larger groups need 2 trainers and we are able to have up to 30 participants per course subject to the size of the venue.

Course hosts are responsible for arranging a suitable venue, lunch & refreshments.

To discuss organising a bespoke training programme pease contact us