Resources for people living with persistent pain

Chronic, persistent and long-term pain are all terms used to describe pain that has continued for 3 months or more. Sometimes long term pain can be traced to a nerve injury or medical condition like arthritis but in many cases no cause can be found. Unfortunately there is usually no medical cure for long-term pain and it often does not respond to standard medical treatments. There are more than 8 million people in the UK living with long-term pain.

Long-term pain can be hard to live with. It can be disabling and frustrating and can affect many areas of life including relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Although there is no medical cure, many people can learn the skills they need to self manage their pain with support from healthcare professionals, family and friends. Using these skills on a daily basis people with long-term pain can get better control of their pain, improve their mood, get back to doing the things that are important to them and enjoy life again.

Use the links on the below to explore what is available to help YOU understand and manage your pain.

Relaxation Exercises

Many people with long term conditions have lost the ability to relax. ESC have put together 7 different exercises for daily practice you can learn. Each exercise takes about 15 minutes and covers a different type of relaxation.

Download the Relaxation here

Online Resources