Resources for carers

Chronic, persistent and long-term pain are all terms used to describe pain that has continued for 3 months or more. Sometimes persistent pain can be traced to a nerve injury or medical condition like arthritis but in many cases no cause can be found. Unfortunately there is usually no medical cure for long-term pain and it often does not respond to standard medical treatments

More than 8 million people in the UK live with persistent pain.

Persistent pain affects relationships with family, friends and work colleagues. It can strengthen them but often living with a person with persistent pain leads to a lot of stress, anger, worry and frustration.

If YOU are caring for someone with persistent pain there is help and support available.

Relaxation Exercises

Many people with long term conditions have lost the ability to relax. ESC have put together 7 different exercises for daily practice you can learn. Each exercise takes about 15 minutes and covers a different type of relaxation.

Download the Relaxation here

Online Resources

Below is a list of external websites offering pain management resources. (All links open in a new window)