About Us

ESC provides training and support in self management knowledge and skills to health and social care professionals working with people with persistent (chronic) pain and other long term conditions.

Support & Collaborate


ESC is about supporting people to ‘live well’ with one or more long term conditions such as long term Pain, COPD, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Conditions. To support people effectively Healthcare professionals have to change their thinking and behaviour from the medical model of care, which they have been trained in and where they remain in the role of the expert and key decision maker, to a more collaborative partnership approach where the person with the condition plays a leading role in the decision making.


ESC is a collaborative working partnership between health professionals and lay people who have many years experience in supporting and training health and social care staff, as well as those in the voluntary sector and people with long term conditions themselves. This website hosts a self-assessment test for healthcare professionals, useful resources and information on our training courses.

Our Team

Dr Patrick Hill

Founder - stepped down April 2018


Eve Jenner

Specialist Physiotherapist