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Welcome to ESC

ESC develops, trains, coaches and supports health and social care professionals in collaborative partnership working with people with persistent (chronic) pain and other long term health conditions.

Self-Care and Self-Management

Self-Care is what we all do to maintain our wellbeing and prevent disease. Self-care includes a range of activities such as managing diet, cleaning teeth, exercising and taking part in social activity.

Self-management includes self-care plus the additional things needed to manage long term health condition(s), to minimise the impact on quality of life.

Successful self-management relies on collaborative partnerships between people with long term conditions their family and carers and healthcare professionals.

Self Management skills development for Healthcare Professionals

If you work with people with persistent (chronic) pain or other long term conditions (LTC) the following courses, resources and online learning are for you.

Online Learning

  • Introduction to self management
  • By leading researcher into CBT management of chronic illness
  • Free to complete
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  • Learn key skills
  • One or two day courses
  • Bespoke courses also available
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Resource Library

Helpful links and learning resources for Healthcare professionals working with people with persistent pain and other long term conditions.


Useful pain management resources

Chronic, persistent and long-term pain are all terms used to describe pain that has continued for 3 months or more.

Use the links below to find resources we have put together for people, carers and commissioners dealing with persistent pain.

Our Team


Dr Patrick Hill

Clinical Health Psychologist


Eve Jenner

Specialist Physiotherapist


Dr Laura Hissey

Health Psychologist


Kirsty Jackson

Specialist Physiotherapist

What our participants say about ESC courses

I found this course extremely useful and applicable to my practice. The techniques and theory taught on the enabling self care course can be used with all patients I see in my MSK Physiotherapy practice and I have already started using some of the techniques. The course challenges current concepts of Physiotherapy/medical approaches in managing people with persistent pain. The Bio-psychosocial model was explained in a way making it simple to understand and was applied to a number of strategies that can be used to help facilitate those with persistant pain.
Participant Birmingham September 2016
Really appreciated the time given over to this and the interactive nature of the course. Also the fact that discussion was welcomed and as much if not more learning for me came from the informal questions and answers from the trainers.
Participant Birmingham January 2017
Excellent course, learned lots and revisited old skills I had forgotten about
Participant Limerick January 2017
the teaching was excellent, very informative and enthusiastic
Participant June 2016
Learning about managing challenging characters in a group setting, I enjoyed the approach to problem solving and flare up management
Participant November 2015
The whole course was excellent but I especially found the explanation of chronic pain and its biosocial psychological effect interesting and well presented.
Participant November 2015
The fact that the way the workshop ran modeled the way we could deliver the strategies with groups of patients ...which has meant that I can use it straight away
Participant November 2015
Thank you for a very informative course which has increased my confidence in managing patients with long term conditions.
Participant, October 2015
The workshop was excellent. Rather than the training feeling like a lecture, there were always opportunities for active participation from everybody. Using experience to provide examples and explain the theory and techniques was very useful and aided understanding.
Participant, April 2015

Latest News

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Really pleased to be able to recommend this great little book from Dr Frances Cole for people with long term

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